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He joins Brandon Smith, a five-star player out of Virginia, as the only two linebacker commits for 2019 so far.

Jon Hoadley, said that it’s time to “modernize” Michigan’s laws.

A felony charge, or punishment for attempted murder may no longer reflect the disease that was once an automatic death sentence.

According to Wells, 22 people in Michigan have been charged for failing to disclose HIV status, but 19 of those were charged for not disclosing their status, not for infecting others with HIV.

The first instance of an HIV diagnosis in Michigan happened in 1981, and of course, a lot has changed regarding the severity of an HIV diagnosis since then.

“The basis of the law as it was written (in the 1980s) was in reaction to a lot of the hysteria and panic around the diagnosis,” Wells said, add that with medication, patients can become undetectable “and then they won’t transmit the HIV.” Some people avoid getting tested for HIV because of the legal ramifications of transmitting the disease to others.

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