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Not surprisingly, the approach was pioneered by clinicians working with families and couples, and has been championed by the Social Work profession.Numerous authors contributed to the development of the Family Systems perspective, including influential clinicians such as Virginia Satir, Murray Bowen, Jay Haley and Salvador Minuchin.Such boundaries are the basis by which people distinguish between "We" or "I" (group members; insiders; part of "Us") and "Other" (outsiders and examples of what is "not-self").Each person can be said to have a psychological identity boundary around themselves by which they distinguish themselves from other people.According to my plan for how all of this gets laid out there are two more key therapy schools to cover, these being the Family Systems and Humanist schools.Today's essay concerns the important contribution of the Family Systems school.Psychological boundaries can be said to exist too, even though such boundaries have no physical reality.

Again, there is no physical reality to the boundary, but it is there nevertheless.The member/non-member distinction that is afforded by drawing an identity boundary applies not only to individuals, but also to social groups.Boundaries are also drawn around committed couples, separating them from other people, and in the process making two individuals into an "Us".A boundary is a barrier; something that separates two things.Walls, fences and cell membranes are examples of physical boundaries.

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