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Please forgive her for being displeasing to you." (Don't forget to report it if it is actually something abusive!) Suggested response: "This girl is sorry Master, but her owner forbids (whatever), so she is unable to comply with your command.• All free are to be addressed as "Master" or "Mistress" unless they tell you otherwise, in which case, they will be addressed according to their preference.This is not to say you may not address them by name, if they do not mind, but that the title will be appended to their name (ie: "Master so and so") • Slaves will be respectful to (and regarding) the free at all times, regardless of their personal opinion of the individual in question, what a free person says to a slave or how they say it. If a free person is abusive or unnecessarily rude to you, take it up with a moderator or another free person.For example, if a free person tells you to drop a subject, it is reasonable.If they order you to show yourself on cam, it is not.) • No bickering! If you have an issue with someone and cannot remain civil, take it elsewhere.Just enter the live free chat sessions below and begin your journey into slave training and strict online Mistress webcam shows.

We have some amazing live femdom cams hosts waiting to have fun with you in an online bdsm cam session.• Slaves are NEVER required to give out their personal information (real name, location, phone number, email, IM, etc.) and are strongly advised to avoid doing so.If anyone tries to order you to give out personal information, please report it!It is not a slave's place to publicly judge the free. If there are no mods or free in the room, save the log (copy & paste), politely inform them that you need to place them on ignore and do so, then contact a moderator to report the problem.• Lurking is permitted, however, if a free person addresses you, you must answer them if you are not actually away from the keyboard with permission or an emergent situation.

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