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Once the third round rolls around, and you have to battle Frieza (1st Form), LR Frieza will start to attack 2 and 3 times per turn.

From my experience, LR Frieza will launch a super attack every other turn.

I would also recommend using only one Oolong (TEQ) prior to the final round of fighting LR Frieza, as that is the most difficult.

Also, try to leverage your HP so that you can utilize Whis’ passive, as that saves you on HP items.

A kenutúra helyszíne az Öreg-Duna holtág-rendszere lesz Dunakilitinél, Mosonmagyaróvártól 20 km-re. A hajók 3-4 személyes túrakenuk (amihez jár a mentőmellény is, ennek hordása kötelező). Amit vinni kell, vagy érdemes: A helyszín pontos címe: 9225 Dunakiliti, Petőfi út 12.

között (csütörtöktől vasárnapig) kerül sor a MAC hagyományos kenutúrájára, amelyre ezúttal is várjuk a jelentkezőket. Jelentkezni május 30-ig lehet e-mailben e-mailben a [email protected]ímen.

Strike Event characters, for example, are free to join the battle.

Characters that have been gifted due to a special event by Dokkan Battle are also accepted into these events.

Then you have to get the appropriate medals to Dokkan awaken that character.

The final level of Summit of the Universe, where you obtain the Dokkan Awakening Medal required to turn your farmable Frieza into LR Frieza, is three rounds.

All three rounds are against an extreme STR Frieza.

Every other time, you are in “farm” mode, and it’s up to chance whether or not he drops.

Frieza only has one health bar on this stage, so this should be quite easy to defeat.

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Once you select the event, the first level that you need to farm is “Defying the Emperor”.

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