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She had gotten on recently, and apparently she wanted to meet a slightly older white guy (like myself) for some strings-free sex. Hastily, before anyone else could grab her, I sent her a message and answered her call. She agreed, since we lived in the same town, and sent a picture of herself for reference when she told me where and when we should meet. An Asian girl, looked to be about 5'2, with nice, round breasts and good baby-having hips.

Her hair was mostly black and hung to her shoulders, except for the front, which was dyed pink.

I recognized her as soon as she walked out, wearing jeans and a blue sweater.

Pretty soon I felt the cum start to rise in my balls."Alright, that's enough," I said, pulling her head away. "Of course.""Now take off your panties and get on the bed... "So if I'm gonna taste your sweet Asian cunt, it's gotta be now.""Oh, alright," she said, lowering herself onto my face.

Her pussyhair was nicely trimmed in a small patch above her cuntlips.

"Holy shit," I said, awed at how sexy she looked."You like it? Your Omnibus profile said you liked the schoolgirl outfit, and my parents got it for me when they thought they were gonna transfer me to Japan a year or two ago.

I figure it'll be fun to spite them if I get knocked up in it--and besides, it's fucking sexy.""Damn straight, but after a while, it'll probably be on the floor.""Along with my back, I hope," she giggled back."Of course.

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""Single mom goin' to school, especially a minority? I don't care if my parents kick me out; I'll be fine with the check from Uncle Sam. Anyways, it's less awkward, and it's easier to lie and say I was k**napped and ****d or some shit.

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