Silk da shocker and mya dating

And do what’s best for your career, do what’s best for your life. I wish [Mystikal] well, because he is a cool guy and I got a lot of respect and love for him.

I know he made the best decision for himself and so I don’t have no problem with it.

Dont know if it will happen since the USA street date for MYAs record has been bumped again to Sept 18th, but it could be since Prince will be in europe throughtout august.....

She sings alot better than we think, she can def hold her own on a tour, and has done so already.

MYA points out that she has only been with three sexual partners in her lifetime, which shoots down the theory she had sex with everyone she was on record with which is another Bogus claim.

But A very interesting thing came at the end of this interview where MYA stated she is currently on a club tour with the Clipse opening for her and next could be a Slot with PRINCE on tour, yes thats right PRINCE!!

But, what I realized is the same thing as Trayvon [Martin]. People are rallying behind him because they’re locking up young Black men on a plea bargain.As a man I’ma be like, “If I’ma lose and get the 100, I might as well plea out and get the 10.” So, what I’m saying to you about my brother is this right here: forget about he’s my brother for a second, what they are doing to him is just wrong.And the fact of the matter is that they could do it to you or me.But as far as the artists on the labels amongst each other, I don’t think it ever was a problem. I would say I’m guilty of it as well somewhat though, because [during the time that] all the stuff was going on I actually had a chance to say “What’s up” to the homie Lil Wayne and we both was kinda like – nobody wanted to say “What’s up.” But me and him had no problems, because I know that he got love for us and we got love for they team.I’d be lying to you if I tell you I don’t play they music.

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