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One type of token is called the autofill field names.

The autofill field names tell the browser what type of information a field expects.

For example, one of the autofill field names is The HTML5 specification has a great table listing all 53 possible autofill field names, what their intended use is, and what type of input must be used with it.

That’s autocomplete at its simplest, but it gets more powerful and a bit more complex.

Until recently, there were no standards when it came to autofill.

Each browser implemented their autofill features differently and there was little documentation on how a browser determines what content a field expects.

These new options are called autofill detail tokens.

For example, in the following animated GIF, Safari won’t offer to autofill the single cardholder field, but it will offer to autofill it once there is a second card number field.The value of the autocomplete attribute is actually a space-separated list of tokens.So for example, if you wanted to collect shipping information, you would prepend the autocomplete value with the “shipping” token like so: Generally, authors are encouraged to use the broader fields rather than the narrower fields, as the narrower fields tend to expose Western biases. And as a practical matter, it means that it is important to pay attention to the table of values and make sure you’re using the right one for the field you’re working with. My hope is that eventually all of the browsers will support the expanded autocomplete standard, but that’s not the current situation.It makes it much easier to figure out what information the browser has to autofill. Plus, with the second approach, you actually need to submit a form in order for the browser to store values to use with autofill.The browser won’t remember your answers without the form submission.

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