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And I havent had any antenna errors/messages either.Sorry to hear about your problem, hope it gets resolved soon! I have yet to get an updating message, that I have noticed, but I dont drive the car very much.I remembered (now that I have my Tiguan back) what my other message is: "GCI Update Occurred" Happened this morning. And I'm sure it will do it again today when I leave work, or, hey, maybe not.On my 2010 Golf my RNS-510 shows "Updating Channels" pretty much every time I start the car and "GCU Update Occurred" about every two or three days.Reset it and it will be good to go Also you should be able to tune into channel 0 or search for your code by your vin numberyou can get the id directly from the satalile module on the right hand saide of the dash down near the blower motor. i think there was a tsb on them aswell but that may have been the eclipse where you had to disconnect the battery for 30 seconds with the car pointing a certain direction.sirius should be able to tell you what you need to do. I had the same thing and know one knew what it was..

2009 Black/Brown Tiguan SE w/4Motion - Added: APR Stage 1, RNS-510 w/Backup Camera, Volk-L Bluetooth, Auto-Dim Mirror, 2" Class 3 Hitch Trailer Module, VAG-COM Micro-CAN, 19" Savannah 2Tone 2001 Black/Tan Golf GLS 1.8T w/Monsoon (Wifes) - Traded In 2016 Silver/Black Chevrolet Volt Premium (LTZ) w/Bose Package, Confidence Package 1&2 Here is the thread I found on it at another forum: I tried just re-applying the 1140 update, didn't have the older one around, and it did NOT solve the problem for me.

I have searched all over for a solution and no luck.

Tried one thread's recommendation of re-updating my radios firmware, but that didn't fix it.

I get the antenna error, gci update, and updating channels on a daily basis.

Takes longer for the radio to get up and going when the antenna error happens but other than that it still works fine.

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