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I wonder if ghosting is popular because people feel a rejected date might get abusive or start harassing them?What with online trolling and public shamings over minor mistakes, are people too quick to not take no for an answer these days?Chemistry and physical attraction are important, of course, but when we judge a person's character so quickly and decide whether or not we will ever speak to them again, empathy can be forgotten.Think about how long it takes to form a strong friendship: I know that when I first met a couple of my dearest friends, I did not even like them.When a person refuses to return your texts or calls, and you never hear from them again, that's ghosting.We have always rejected each other, but with new forms of media, the frequency of communication that can precede the complete cut-off of communication can be jarring.It seems that if you don't like someone now in date is just simply ignore the person and they will go away.The effects of doing what my friend did are very demoralizing for the other person, making the other person open to make the same mistake without a feed back.

Rejection carries a negative connotation, but we can still do it in a respectful way.

Many people allow this to happen because they are afraid of being alone, and may realize that while a person may be okay to be with for the time being, they are not someone they are interested in holding onto long-term.

Yet we, as humans, must be happy and comfortable alone before we choose to be with someone else.

Rejection We have always "rejected" people, ever since we were children.

We rejected kids who did not want to play with us on the monkey bars.

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