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Arb-Scan - A remote banner scanner, written in bash and perl.- A bash script to easily start/stop an ADSL pptp connection.adept - Webbased learning system adevs - A C /Java library for developing discrete event simulations.ADFlib - a free, portable, open and documented implementation of the Amiga filesystem adjtimex - Command line manipulation of the kernel time-keeping variables.alter MIME - A program to modify MIME-encoded mailpacks.Axel - A light and advanced downloader for the Unix console.

Advanced Foundation Classes - A growing suite of C/C classes for programmers.

Audacity - A cross-platform multitrack audio editor.

alarmwatch - A program to watch lm_sensors and beep on alarms. Act Export - Export records from an Act database to a delimeted file.

Ampache - An audio/video file manager and streaming Web application. Astro:: FITS:: Header Module - An OO Perl module to handle FITS HDUs. AFK - A utility to defeat idled and stay logged in.

Addendat - A weblog program with CGI and shell interfaces.

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