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Work on thinking of the person you are about to write to, not as a tempting picture of a hot babe you want to boink, but as a human being you want to communicate something real with.What you write might thereby be more involving and real, and appear less "canned " to the person at the other end.don't take the rejections and being ignored personally, but DO accept it as "go away," and keep trying. I'm surprised nobody mentioned your writing style, specifically not using capitalization. Before I get a reply to this, I understand that some people do not mean the same thing I'm thinking when they say they are bored. I don't respond to anyone who does's extremely immature to me and I imagine other women feel the same. If you have common interests, don't just tell her "I like football too".I have read many places on the forums that women dislike poor grammar, spelling, and improper or lack of capitalization. I'm not interested in hearing about being beautiful, sexy, cute, looking younger than I am..original and tell her something she hasn't heard a trillion times before. Tell her that you like football, then talk about the best game you ever went to..that you were MVP in college...that you coach a youth team. I met a guy and we reached the point of exchanging numbers but I never call anymore because he 1) stays on the phone WAY too long 2) only talks about himself 3) too many interruptions from his kids, other line beeping in, etc. I want this to carry on so eventually I will get my****wet!If looks did not matter, then there would not be the option of having a picture on your profile.For me, I will message someone a few times without seeing their pic, but it will not be more than a couple emails before I say something about wanting to see who Im chatting with and stop messaging if they dont send one.No magic message here is going to get you past the fact they look at your profile first and do not find you the least bit attractive. Cowboy OP: Most of us (girls) are not looking for a particular look, but we do have qualities that we are attracted to.It is nothing that can be pinpointed and its different for every woman.

If she looks at your pics and shudders or goes ewwww it does not matter if you had the best profile on this site you're not getting a date.

The sex, dating, and relationship conversations were always particularly interesting.

Listeners would call in asking for advice, and Lex and Terry wouldn’t hold any punches.

how can you get her to open up YOUR email and respond to you?

cuz she saw something that caught her eye and she went for I almost ALWAYS ONLY message a lady I find hot and interesting...she is ACTUALLY online while I am online...

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But if you want a romantic date and don't want to be paying for dinners and already in the "friend zone" then she has to think your at least OK looking Not really see my first answer and read it slowly.

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