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The debugging developer is now left with finding all occurrences where now can be logger which just throws all log messages away.

This way there is no need to care about checking the logger every time you want to use it.

I belive if it is a stored procedure make it nill at the time of mapping the date feild or if it is sql direct then use if else condition...

In order to achieve this , Go to Schema - select the date element that you want to make it nillable -the go to properties tab - then mark this selected element as nillable !

She also issues a series of challenges along the way that allow you to test your skills and compare your results with hers.

Those null objects are trivial and fast to develop.

One common use case is setter injection for optional dependencies, like: which is particularly bad since the application can't handle this kind of errors in a sane way.

In PHP 7 those errors are finally catchable but still nothing you'd expect in this situation.

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Most issues highlighted are especially problematic when others are using your source code.

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