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So then they bond slightly by playing the game and soon Hyungdon is lying on his couch again x D.

So Hwangbo goes and changes into just a t-shirt and pants.

They argue again about who’s cooking and of course Crown J gets up and does it. Then Hyungdon takes SIY’s phone when she walks to the kitchen 7.7 and reads one of her messages from a guy friend out loud. They get on the big trampoline (which are SO bouncy) and Hwanhee demonstrates all these somersaults. Hwanhee then suggests she practice on the ground and PWOAR he shows off his kicking skills.

Part 3 – Yobi finally rolls forward and she makes Hwanhee laugh ^^. I thought it was really cute how Crown J said he cooked whatever for Hyungdon then SIY is like “but you said you cooked it for me” and then he just kinda cuddles up to her. SIY sits on the bar table and Hyungdon drags her down and when he tries it again, Crown J gives him a warning : P. Finally dinner is ready and woah when did she cook all that??

I think recapping the full show is funner than only doing half ^^”.

Part 1 – This week, they start off with Crown J & SIY and Hwayobi & Hwanhee first.

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