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Governor William Sherman Jennings declared martial law and sent the state militia to maintain order; on May 17, municipal authority resumed.

Known as the " Great Fire of ", it was one of the worst disasters in Florida history and the largest urban fire in the southeastern United States.

In addition, extension of the Florida East Coast Railway further south drew visitors to other areas.

Spanish moss at a nearby mattress factory was quickly engulfed in flames and enabled the fire to spread rapidly.

However, the emergence of Hollywood as a major film production center ended the city's film industry.

Navy became a major employer and economic force during the s and the Second World War, constructing two Navy bases in the city and the U. The construction of federal highways was a kind of subsidy that enabled development of suburban housing, and wealthier, better established residents moved to newer housing in the suburbs.

As a result, the northeastern Florida area prospered economically more than it had under the Spanish.

Augustine became popular winter resorts for the rich and famous.Though no battles were fought in Jacksonville proper, the city changed hands several times between Union and Confederate forces.In the Skirmish of the Brick Church in , Confederates won their first victory in the state.James Hotel that burned down, was built in as Klutho's crowning achievement.Over the course of the decade, more than 30 silent film studios were established, earning Jacksonville the title of "Winter Film Capital of the World".

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