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As it turned out, the opportunity to “Rediscover Your Spark” was so popular that there was a waiting list.

Edna Blackman, 83, and Patsy Day, 70, friends and both former residents of New York City, came to the event even though they knew they might not get to participate directly.

Many left the room and gathered in the hall where animated conversation continued.

One man, who only identified himself as “Jim Beam” reached behind Firestone and snagged a white rose from the vases of flowers on the cart.

Credit to society.” And “Kind, blue eyes.” As far as sparks? Maurice Shemper, 80, a Temple Sinai member who has lived in Atlanta since the late 1970s, said he definitely experienced a spark.

“I had a connection with two people—one was a huge connection—one of her friends is a woman I grew up with in Mississippi,” Shemper said.

She’s the community liaison for Somerby Senior Living and she decided to pull together a senior speed dating event at the Somerby location in Sandy Springs.

A woman, distracted in conversation with another man, suddenly turned toward him.

Slyly he placed the rose on her wheeled walker and grinned.

“We were coming to get a spot, but it’s not happening, not today,” Blackman said, watching from afar, “but still, it’s an interesting experience.” Neither had been to a speed dating activity and they were curious to see what it was like.

Day laughed and said, “We’re here hanging out for fun, and because I hope to see someone else connect!

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