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The first three seasons each consist of six episodes, whereas the fourth focuses entirely on pastry chefs, and is limited to four episodes.

Related: The 15 Funniest Shows On Netflix Right Now, Ranked , Chef’s Table is a Netflix original series that spends each episode profiling a single renowned chef.

On his Metro-North train home, Mc Cauley is approached by the enigmatic Joanna (Vera Farmiga, silkily sinister as ever) with an impromptu mission: Find an unidentified fellow passenger transporting critical cargo, or risk the lives of not just the remaining travelers, but his own family at home.

It’s a basic enough ultimatum, but the further Mc Cauley looks into the criminal conspiracy at hand, the less sense it makes to him and viewers alike.

The exceptions are New Line, Miramax/Dimension and Sony Pictures Classics.

They don't do official daily box office, and estimates are made for their movies based on partial data in order to fill out the top 12.

Maybe after a day of work you just want to watch a show about people at work. So, sit back in your recliner, kick off your shoes and immerse yourself in the variety of the best reality shows on Netflix right now.

It's a happy day for Pretty Little Liars fans, because Sasha Pieterse, who plays mean girl Alison De Laurentis on the show, just got engaged to her boyfriend! — and we haven't gotten the opportunity to get to know him on the show like we have with Pieterse, so we have to do a little digging. Pretty much every other photo is of his new fiancée looking adorable, and it's obvious that he loves her just as much as we do. Enjoy your engagement, and I'm sure we'll see you happily walking down the aisle soon.

From all of this below, I can tell you that he seems like a sweet guy who cares about Sasha Pieterse a lot, and I'm hopeful that the two will be very happy together. Troian Bellisario, who isn't the only engaged person on the PLL set anymore, so she'll have someone to wedding plan with while she's at work.But that’s not to deny the transient pleasures of “The Commuter,” a film that enthusiastically puts the humble passenger car through almost as many mechanical acrobatics as any “Fast and Furious” hot rod, in the process gifting us with the line, “Between the train and the people, I always knew it would be the train.” Given the depth of character development and human investment in the narrative, action-rapt audiences may feel likewise.in “The Commuter.” The film commences the bafflement from the off, with a needlessly tricksy opening-credits sequence, rife with repeated fades to black, that splits and splices timelines — all for the sake of establishing the thoroughly mundane morning routine of Michael Mac Cauley (Neeson), a gray-suited insurance salesman and family man who commutes daily between his Manhattan office and his well-cushioned Upstate home. He's a normal, meaning that he isn't famous — at least not yet! And finally, the last thing you need to know about Hudson Sheaffer is that he's absolutely obsessed with Sasha Pieterse.But that shouldn't be too hard, because Sheaffer has an active social media presence and appears in a ton of Pieterse's photos as well, so we're all about to get a crash course in Pieterse's new fiancé.

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“The Commuter” sounds more tastefully sedate by comparison, but don’t be fooled.

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