Speed dating in frankfurt

The train is equipped with power sockets for laptops & mobiles at all seats in both classes, and a cafe-bar serves drinks, snacks & microwaved hot dishes.

The fare includes a light breakfast of coffee, juice & croissant. There's time for dinner in Munich before boarding, for a Bavarian meal and a beer or two, try Arnulfstrasse 52, to the north side of Munich Hbf. Fares for Eurostar Thalys start at 56 one-way or 103 return Fares vary like air fares, so book in advance to get the cheapest prices.

Timetables, prices and how to buy tickets for all these options are explained below in a step-by-step guide. London to Budapest by Eurostar to Paris, TGV to Munich, sleeper to Budapest London to Budapest by Eurostar to Brussels, sleeper to Vienna, train to Budapest London to Budapest by day trains with overnight stop in Munich London to Budapest by day trains with overnight stop in Zurich - the scenic route!

London to Budapest via Brussels & Prague - the cheapest route!

The train journey from London to Budapest is safe, easy & affordable and takes just 24 hours, by Eurostar to Paris and high-speed TGV from Paris to Munich, then overnight sleeper to Budapest.

Or there are connections via Paris and Munich, or via Brussels, Cologne & Vienna.

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