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The controllers use twin sensors to track and detect gamers’ movements and are easier to set up than the Vive, which requires a wee bit of DIY to get working.I found the system worked best with the two sensors around a metre apart on a flat surface, pointing at the centre of your desired play area.We’ve also seen the arrival of the Oculus Touch remotes, which make things significantly more competitive in the top-end VR market.The Touch controllers are Oculus’ answer to the HTC wands and let the headset match, if not beat, the HTC Vive when it comes to immersive gaming.Related: Play Station VR vs Oculus Rift The Oculus Touch’s twin sensors offer limited room scaling, which means they can track your movements in a desired play area.This makes fast-paced shooters, such as Supershot, an absolute blast to play.When the Oculus Rift first launched, it fell behind the HTC Vive for two crucial reasons: there were no motion controls and it couldn’t handle room scaling.

On several occasions I nearly garroted myself while playing Arizona Sunrise when trying to quickly escape a stealthy zombie. On the plus side, the Oculus Store has grown massively.Securely slotted in is the Oculus Remote, a head-tracking sensor on a slender stem, an Xbox One controller and, of course, the Rift headset itself.Setting up the Oculus Rift is a breeze, but you’ll need a reasonable amount of space to use the device – I found a swivel chair and a 1.5m x 1.5m space about right.The controllers are significantly more ergonomic than the HTC Vive’s Wands, thanks to the fact that they use a more traditional joystick and button layout.The Vive Wands have a slightly atypical trackpad system that takes a while to get used to.

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The only downside is that with the setup out of the box, the controllers don’t work too well when you have your back to the sensors, which is an issue in games where you have to explore, or move around a lot, such as Arizona Sunshine.

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