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At the mill he returned with the information that the place could be captured, but that in doing so somebody would be killed; and that the Federal fortification could not be taken without the loss of a dozen men. On another page (see chapter VII.) an account is given of the dispersion of a force of rebels under Joe Kirk by Col. As there are some errors in this account it is deemed proper to correct them here; for since the account referred to has been put in type statements have been received from Capt. Several business houses of the city do a large jobbing trade, and carry from ,000 to ,000 worth of goods. Louis for a year, then returning to this place, where he has since remained, aiding by his industry in doing much for the city and advancing her interests to a greater degree than would ho expected.

George Spickard, who commanded the militia, and from other parties conversant with the facts. Spickard says that while in camp at Chillicothe, August 22, 1862, he received orders from Col. Chillicothe, having competing railroad lines, both to Chicago and St. November 23, 1883, Miss Jennie Gladieux, a native of Stark county, O., became his wife.

The founders of "Jimtown" contemplated that upon the organization of the county their town would be selected as the county seat. There were more buildings erected and improved in 1877 than in the six years preceding. Among other things they made the altar for the cathedrals of Kansas City, St.

It was centrally located, was a river town and had every convenience for shipping when steamboat navigation should begin. The old court house, which stood in the centre of the square, was torn down in 1865, and the brick used in building the structure known as Bell & Moore's Hall, on the east side of the square. Joseph, Denver, Atchison, Leavenworth, Effingham, Ill., and many other places, and besides much work has been done in church furniture.

Its advantages were of some importance; but John Graves was an antagonist difficult to cope with when he was considerably interested, and in the end the county seat was placed where he wanted it. The population of the city in 1870 was 3,978, but in 1876 it was only 3,499, a decrease in six years of nearly 500! Both of these brothers are practical architects and draughtsmen making their own plans and specifications, and their business is constantly on the increase.

A few lots were sold in Jamestown, and a store-house built at an early day. And even in 1880 the census showed a total population of only 4,078, an increase over the census of 1870, ten years before, of but 100. They came originally from near Cologne, in Aix-la-Chapelle, a locality which furnishes the best artists in wood work, for as all know Rhine carvings are much sought after at the present day.

Joseph Cox was the first settler in what is now Chillicothe township, on section 12-58-24, in 1833. Consequently the first settlers, who lived in the northern portion, entered their lands two or three years after later comers, who selected claims in the southern portion. Hickman, residents of Boone county, entered 160 acres of land on the north side of Grand river (sw. 21-57-23), about four miles southeast of Chillicothe. Hazelton, of New York, who generously gave, in the settlement of a compromise, a considerable sum for the establishment of a library, which now comprises several hundred volumes. One of the most efficient friends of the school and the library has been the Hon. This building cost about ,000; in March, 1876, it was burned. They seem to be natural born mechanics, if the expression may be allowed, and Chillicothe should feel proud to have such men as her citizens.

Chillicothe township is very irregular in form, comprising portions of three Congressional townships in two ranges, and in shape is something like the letter L. From 1,200 in January, 1859, the population increased to 1,800 or 2,000 by January, 1861. This institution continued until 1866, when in November of that year it was succeeded by the People's Savings Bank.1 1 The first officers of this bank were Col. Perhaps they were inclined to magnify their discomforts, but they certainly endured at times insult and something of injury. Immediately after the war a tide of prosperity set in. Additions to the city were laid out and rapidly settled. Lydia Moss was the maiden name of his wife, like himself a Kentuckian by birth and of Virginia lineage.

Position and Description - Coal - Early Settlements - Sketch of Jamestown - In the Civil War - Capt. Money was plenty and prices good during the construction of the road through the county, and those were flush times. Sherley, James Mc Ferran, and Sidney Mc Williams, directors. Boys were admitted up to the age of 16, when they were compelled to leave. For a time the town was a base of supplies and operations for the militia commanders. Gill, a native of Mason county, Ky., born in August, 1884.

Spickard's Encounter with Joe Kirk - Pleasant Grove Church - City of Chillicothe - Laying Out of the Town - First and Second Sales of Lots - Appointed the County Seat - Incorporations - John Graves, The Founder of Chillicothe - First Newspaper in the County - Directory of 1855 - The "Thespians" - Hannibal and St. The population increased from 800 to 1,200; many new houses were built, and those already constructed were crowded to their fullest capacity. Next to Macon it was regarded as the most important post on the Hannibal and St. Of course under these circumstances the citizens did not regard the situation at all times as felicitous. His father, of the same name, and also originally of Mason county, was reared there as a farmer and subsequently located in Greencastle, Putnam county, Ind., where he remained some two years.

Spickard says: - Halting and putting out pickets we soon discovered men off to our left in the bush, crossing back and forth over a dim road. On this day John Graves was appointed to "lay off into lots the county seat, where the commissioners appointed by the State Legislature shall locate it." It was also ordered that the county seat "shall be denominated and known by the name of Chilicothe." In the order the name was spelled with one l, but Mr. It was never intended to build the road through Chillicothe. The subject of this sketch remained in the country of his birth until 1851, then emigrating to the United States and landing at Philadelphia February 14, 1851, from which place he settled in Wilmington, Del.

Going to this point we found where they had been feeding their horses. Pearl, the deputy county clerk who wrote the records, was not an expert at spelling. It was built from Laclede into Carroll county, via Sumner, or Cunningham, and now has its western terminus at Bogard. After living there up to 1856 he removed to the northeastern part, of the State, thence to Pennsylvania, and made his home in that vicinity until coming to Missouri in 1865. Gorman was married to Miss Margaret Kelley, daughter of Michael Kelley, who became settled in Pennsylvania, from Ireland, in 1856. Of her brothers and sisters Mary is the wife of John Clary, of Indiana; Julia is now Mrs. Gorman have eleven children: Anna, born November 7, 1860, married Pat.

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