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That inspired Tea to become its goodwill ambassador.

She and her dad, Anthony Pantaleoni, earned the Audrey Hepburn Humanitarian Award for their service.

Tim (Daly), as the head of The Creative Coalition, goes to both the Republican and Democratic Conventions to promote the arts. Bill told him, ‘I watch the show to find out how to behave.’ I thought that was very cute.” Like Superman Here’s what Tea hopes for her character: “I want Elizabeth to make more mistakes. Actually, somebody gave me a cape as a joke.” Regarding how women are more supportive of each other these days, Tea replied, “When you say we can be our own worst enemy, that’s shifting—and I feel that women are getting much better at holding each other’s back.

Hillary Clinton, who was a former secretary of state, is now running for president against Donald Trump.

Tea’s Elizabeth is also grappling with the decision to go for the presidency.

That's perfect." PHOTOS: Celeb couples, then and now News of the blossoming romance comes four months after Leoni's divorce from ex-husband David Duchovny, with whom she has two kids.

The former spouses were married for 14 years before announcing their separation in June 2011; they finalized their split this past August.

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