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First they look very boring and it needs some discipline for a layman to work through them. Liberty Corner, New Jersey, 1992 Werner Lieber Amethyst - Geschichte, Eigenschaften, Fundorte Christian Weise Verlag, München, 1994 ISBN 3-921656-33-8 Raphael E. Liesegang Die Achate Verlag von Theodor Steinkopff, Dresden und Leipzig, 1915 B. Briese Das große Quarzkochbuch Feldkirchen: Franzis-Verlag, 1997 ISBN 3-7723-5853-5 (out of print) Michael O'Donoghue Quartz - Butterworths Gem Books Butterworth & Co. 1987 ISBN 0-408-01462-8 Rudolf Rykart Quarz-Monographie - Die Eigenheiten von Bergkristall, Rauchquarz, Amethyst, Chalcedon, Achat, Opal und anderen Varietäten. 37 - Quarz Christian Weise Verlag, München, 2009 ISSN 0945-8492 Johann Zenz Achate / Agates Bode Verlag Gmb H, Haltern, 2005 ISBN 3-925094-85-7 C. Bornträger, Berlin, Stuttgart, 1977 ISBN 3-443-15019-5 R. But once you've read a few chapters, you will note that slowly something of a "big picture" is about to emerge. Bachheimer Optical rotatory power and depolarisation of light in the α-, incommensurate and β-phases of quartz (20 to 600°C) Journal of Physics C: Solid State Physics, Vol.19, 5509-5517, 1986 J.-P. Kováčik Anatomy of biologically mediated opal speleothems in the World's largest sandstone cave: Cueva Charles Brewer, Chimantá Plateau, Venezuela Sedimentary Geology, Vol.203, 181-195, 2008 J.-P. Balzer Amethyste aus Brasilien - eine Reportage Lapis Mineralien Magazin, Vol.24(10), 1999 H. Bambauer Spurenelementgehalte und γ-Farbzentren in Quarzen aus Zerrklüften der Schweizer Alpen Schweizerische mineralogische und petrographische Mitteilungen, Vol.41, 335-369, 1961 H. Perkins Diffuse layers on the surface of mineral quartz Journal of Materials Chemistry, Vol.7, 365-368, 1997 link to PDF at org A. Ballman Growth and properties of colored quartz American Mineralogist, Vol.46, 439-446, 1961 R. Dorogovin Russian synthetic ametrine Gems & Gemology, Vol.35(2), 122-134, 1999 V.

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