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Joseph is one of the most prolific Catholic authors of our time and now serves as senior editor for the Augustine Institute.I grew up with a brother and friends who listened to the punk band that Joseph Pearce sang in.

Listeners are sure to come to a better appreciation for this “sweet guest of our soul” who seeks to bring us closer to Christ and eternal salvation.If your subscription is for more than 1 MP3 a month, you'll receive the same title for the number of copies your subscription is for.You can change the number of copies you receive at any time, by simply logging into your account and editing your subscription level.Have you ever wanted to help family members, friends, or coworkers who may be struggling with the issues of life or faith, but just didn't know how to reach them? Join today and each month you will receive an exciting talk by one of the great Catholic speakers of our time. Lighthouse Catholic Media, NFP., has launched the first-ever evangelization and apologetics Catholic MP3 Club.

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With humor and relatable examples, he also shows how experiencing Christ before evangelizing others is the biblical model witnessed to by the Apostles, and one that is certain to bear fruit in the life of any believer.

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  1. In this modern world I shouldn’t have to tell you that these women are most easily found online, especially since you’re reading this information on a website.

  2. To provide financially and emotionally for their children, single parents typically work full-time and are either dropping their children off early at child care or school; and picking them up late.