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The less fear we have surrounding these topics, the more we can be honest and open and not live in ignorance of whether someone’s intentions are reflected in their behavior and words. If it’s impossible to tell from his actions, start the conversation.

If he constantly dodges questions about whether he sees himself in a relationship and gets really uncomfortable about it, it’s probably because his head just isn’t there right now. If he’s evasive or cagey, tell him you’re looking for someone who knows what they want and aren’t willing to continue with a “maybe” right now.

This happens for both women and men, and is responsible for lots of people “fading” away mysteriously after weeks or months of dating.

Maybe one person begins open-minded and tries to see how things go, only to discover that the other person is too needy, too jealous, too lacking in curiosity or fun, too high-maintenance, too expensive…basically any difference that makes them realise the long-term compatibility of the relationship is doomed.

Once we see certain behaviors that turn us off, the fire of our attraction fades until it burns out entirely and we’ve emotionally checked out of the relationship.

A guy may also just think he won’t get his needs met in a relationship with this particular woman.

This is why self-respect and valuing what YOU bring to the table independently of a man is so important (and is the focus of our whole retreat program).

So that you don’t feel the need to chase a guy for validation and seek out relationships at the cost of your own needs.

Observe how much of an interest he shows in planning a future with you.As we progress through dating someone, we start to see how they behave in a plethora of situations.We see what they’re like to travel with, to introduce to friends, how often they get moody, or how they deal with conflicts and problems.The terrible truth is, some guys will pursue women they have about 70-80% interest in.They like her, think she’s fun, but for whatever reason they don’t see a real future with this particular woman.

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In my experience, women tend to freak out earlier about this and men tend to freak out later, but either way, neediness and generally being too emotionally dependent is a killer for any budding relationship.

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