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This is one of the best-known facts about the Masons, but the general perception is that they have just one password.In fact, there are several passwords for various occasions and reasons.If you’ve ever looked closely at the US dollar bill, you’ve probably seen the All-Seeing Eye above the pyramid.This symbol is a Freemason symbol, and the Latin underneath is a Freemason motto, meaning “new world order”. President Ram Nath Kovind presented the Sangeet Natak Akademi Fellowships and Awards for 2016 to an eminent group of musicians, dancers, and theatre artists.Geospatial World Excellence Award-2018 for successful IT application.You can lie about it, but religion seems to be a point of honor among them.

Even hospitals and universities are often controlled by the Masons.Freemasons believe that the east symbolizes rebirth.They sing the sun in its flight – marvelling at its passage through the sky.The initiation rituals- though described by Masons as beautiful ceremonies – include a noose.It’s hard to tell whether this is meant as a threat, a call to maintain silence, or simply as the symbol of an umbilical cord (as they claim), but in any case, it’s unusual enough to warrant a mention.

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