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Although modern astrology sees Neptune as the ruler of Pisces, classical astrology, dating from before the discovery of the eighth planet, also placed Pisces under the rulership of Jupiter.

A Piscean woman seeking a romantic alliance with a Sagittarian man can succeed by emphasizing her own Jupiter qualities, while at the same deferring to her mate's need to rule.

The tragedy is that this couple think they are very strong together, but much of that strength is an illusion based on their shared escapism.

Pisces man Pisces woman compatibility works best when at least one partner has a lot of earth in their birth chart, to ground them to reality.

This pain will be reverted to the relationship since they end up hiding it deep instead of sharing with their spouses.

Above all, Pisces are suckers for romantic gestures.

They are ride or die partners once you know how to get a Pisces to commit*.

Pisces man Pisces woman compatibility is essentially very strong, and underpinned by genuine adoration.

However, the clue to the problem lies in the last paragraph. Both the Pisces man and the Pisces woman have problems dealing with reality.

However, given Pisces' watery nature and Sagittarius' fire, this relationship may create mists of perplexity in both parties.

Of all the same sign relationship combinations, the Pisces man and Pisces woman has to be one of the most magical.

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They are passionate hungry and concealed individuals. They live in a reality but they bubble far away from the domain of facts. Getting involved with a Pisces emotionally requires one to have a large heart and patience.

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