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That philosophy is why this eclectic peer support network was created.

We are offering you health related Chat Rooms, health related Forums and a health related Social Network; all in the name of this online peer support society.

covers an array of illnesses and conditions, from Pregnancy and Infertility, Cancer, Obesity and ADHD, to Depression, Anxiety, Stroke and HIV and AIDS, to name but a few.

Each individual illness or condition is separated into a community of its own so that you can connect with a worldwide population of peers to meet, greet, share and support.

Within two business days after you're connected, we'll let you know if your organization is approved and send you an email to grant you entry to our Nonprofit Member Portal. To connect now, click the Connect with Stripe button below.

Our system aims to implement a strong security that keeps your real time data (live video chat, audio calls, text chat, file transfer) and your communication with Internet of Things devices safe from cyber criminals, industrial espionage and patrolling government agencies.

If you are someone who desires to give and gain support but finds it difficult to carry on a live conversation, the Forums are a great place for you to start here at Enter a Health Chat Room to connect instantly with others.

Decentralized peer-to-peer computing could address both. Public/private key cryptography (PPKI) is a natural element of most decentralized systems.

Follow this web site to explore where decentralized, peer to peer technology can take us.

Please let us know how to improve the system and what features you would like to see in Streembit.

also offers you off-topic chat rooms such as the Lounge, Sports, Philosophy and Technology to give you a break from primarily talking about health related concerns.

If you're in the mood for some fun, you can also utilize the Trivia channel and challenge others in a game of general knowledge.

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