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By using the Internet website called "", hereafter referred to as the "Site" and by purchasing from this site, it is understood that the user is aware and accepts the Terms and Conditions for the Use of Site as well as the present Terms and Conditions for Sale.

Our reservation system enables you to access the lowest fare possible.

Our secure on-line reservation facility makes it possible to check timetables and fares from the present day and for the following 10 months.

Reservations may be made at a required minimum of 2 days prior to departure.

At payment time if the payment failed, Tunisair contacts the user to request another credit card. Tunisair reserves the right if necessary to require from the buyer a fax authorizing Tunisair to debit the amount.

Tunisair offers three methods for ticket collection: 5.1 Home delivery A ticket can be delivered by mail at the address indicated on the users personal reservation form.

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If a customer makes at least two identical bookings, Tunisair reserves the right to remove all the bookings without notice.

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