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After watching the VIP I'm sure that smile will hunt me for days. I've been following lee jong suk after I first watched his Pinocchio, Dr stranger, I hear your voice. W I've watch too but I can't appreciate much, while you were sleeping-- not excited to watch . This is my first time that I'm rooting for a korean actor. I hope you and park shin hye will end up together, you are perfect together, pls. May god take u at the top of the success and bless u with healthy and wealthy life Hi, I'm your big fan from the Philippines. Lee Jong Suk I'm your biggest fan from Pakistan I really like all your dramas specially Pinocchio, Doctor Stranger & While you were sleeping keep making dramas you inspire many people! i really admire you a lot since you are a good and versatile actor, aside from being so handsome and intelligent, trying to collect all your shows (cd) but sometimes those way back 4 years ago is no longer available. Jong suk Oppa I'm really big fan of you I have to learn korea to visit you and I came from Chechnya grozny that land is is really far from you but i will do every thing to see you with my own Eyes. Though there's no doubt all your dramas are appreciative, "I can hear your voice" and "Pinocchio" are my favorite as far. i love myself a talented handsome man aw ❤️ looking forward to your next drama(s) :) One of my most favourite actor. I terribly missed Instagram latest posts of my prince --lee jong suk-- also my princess park shin hye. here again, just to tell you that I'm not tired watching your film, but didn't watch while you're ...., you're so good in acting, aside from being so handsome with a pearly white skin.. she is a good actress just like you--a good and versatile actor,she's beautiful, you are so handsome and both of you are educated.. I hope u will do more work together.again love u and god bless u. You're such a good actor, thank you always I watching your dramas I feel really happy. First time when I saw Lee Jong-Suk, I fell in love. just to share i really do not often watch korean films and dramas but when i watched doctor stranger i never stopped watching k dramas and films of Lee Jong Suk. I think i've been suffering from Separation anxiety. I forgot what love is untill i started seeing korean drama. Love you in loads I am so amazed by you oppa jong suk when i first watch your drama w-two worlds. He act naturally and when he cries, you can feel that you are the one who's pained and you suddenly notice that you have those tears falling. "Everyone can make you smile but not everyone can make you happy." So do treasure her, Lee Jong Suk. I want to see him in another drama or movie very soon, but I rather a drama so I can watch him longer. You must be in cloud nine hearing Park Shin Hye singing to you "We embrace each other. Oh, and if you want to feel like a woman (lol) go and watch his bts videos from Ce Ci!!!!!!!! quit smoking if possible, because it is bad for one's health, i know u know that.. I like ur acting skill and u look very good with Lee Bo young. ^__^ I LOVE all your dramas and movies your fashion style as well!!! Even if some haters talk a lot about Lee Jong-Suk like a bad person because he's smoking or he had some plastic surgeries ( i'm not sure about this ) , i still respect and love him .. I had to finish watching it in 18 hours (without sleeping). I hope you will continue to choose roles that will further show your skills. I truly hope that your next project will primarily focus on your character. when i'm cry..i'll open my phone and see your pictures... ~ Your acting is really awesome, there is so much feeling in it!! first of all i like him and he is such a special actor especially in the drama "i can hear your voice" ..... IHYV is one of the best korean dramas I've watched. I love how he can be so charming, so love his mole under eye, so sexy ♥. He's my inspiration in studying his wink kills me a lot oh no ^^ his leading ladies we're so lucky.. :) Lee Jong Suk if i see you in person then, that day will be the greatest day of my life :)... When I watched one of his drama I hear your voice, I never dreamed that I will fall on his acting skills. I can't stop laughing seeing caption "Don't you dare touch that skip button". Compare to your other projects, I could see your expression especially your eyes through those lenses in Pinocchio, you've become a passionate, happy and gorgeous man. often i find myself smiling at the mere thought of his smiles and pouts!! 행복하세요^_^ I'm so happy and proud being a fan of Lee Jong Suk! You have a lot of fans who would be grateful at list to see ya.. But when I watched "I Can Hear Your Voice", I was totally hooked! Furthermore, 'Doctor Stranger' is about surgery, politics, love and conspiracy, I didn't get enough of you in this drama. oh ya....i really love your smile..make me..happy.. I also watched No breathing, Secret Garden, school2013 and so on! You're one of my favorite actors and I love your style to act! I'll support you :3 @Poor you: I don't think, that Kang Sora, Jin Seyeon or Lee Boyoung are ugly anyway! Love him and all his work and roles and look forward to seeing him for years to come. His acting in I can hear your voice is also brilliant, natural and really touched. I can't wait to see him in more dramas, I'm also very excited for his new drama this year called "doctor stranger". also i hope doctor stranger doesn't like another medical dramas that are always have a surgery scene in every single episode because i don't really like that and i think that's quiet boring. Those dramas would never be the same without you in it! Hoping so much that you would be in the drama and see you in a white robe.. ofcourse for u people its obvious to listen oppa i love u , oppa u are soo cool , oppa u are soo handsome but i really dont think its ur own business but people have to say those seeing ur trueself even i myself dont know that but still i just want to say this so i have did hello.jong suk you are soooo cute im soo deeply in love with you and i really really want to meet you love soo much .. youare the moon to meh no im watching your Drama " i hear your voice " and i think that you are amaaizing you've been veeerrrryyyy good actor i love the way your smiling and i just want to say keep it up and always have fun in every step in every day and in every breath ..

you are doing such a great job in serial 'while you were sleeping'' I love it and also the cuteness you have spread on it make the serial more amazing. hi lee I am an lndian and you are the first boy for whom I say cute ?

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You look like a quiet person and i love your personality. I'm very big fan of yours life I wanna meet u ones a time .u so ok m uchh .muahhh????? I'm a very fan of yours though im not a kind of person who idolize people but for you i'll make an exception. I love you from the bottom of my hypothalamus :) I love Lee Jong Suk, but honestly I liked his acting the best in Doctor Stranger, I don't know why doesn't he have any awards for that drama. To me, they represent friendships, fond memories, trust and comfort. Your acting is really good and for a moment I thought that it was not just in the movie,but it was happening in real life! Both of you smile the brightest when you guys're together. I have to say that it's one of the best series I have ever watched!! continue your good acting skills don't stop to in-probe your self!!

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