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Perhaps you love your friend but they do not love you back.This unrequited love could be the reason for the dream." Getting the bags, I violently shoved the somewhat unpacked clothes into the bag. I continued shoving every thing into the bags and I only stopped for a minute when I saw the person walk out the shower.It was only a curtain that separated the entire room from the bathroom. Once our eyes connected i felt a chill run down my spine.It is a less romantic dream interpretation, but it is just as plausible.If your dream gets more physical than that, and you dream that you are making love in a public place, then it could mean a variety of things.But when I looked at his eyes I hear the name liu wei I felt of the sorrow this guy must've been feeling from the tone of his voice that failed to mask the ache he felt to the eyes that begged me to stop, it was obvious he was hurting.I presumed that lei was his name and I started to reason with him "But lei, what about the memories these could make?

My knees gave way -yeah, I love books that much- and my left hand crept to stop my mouth form hitting the ground as my other hand was firmly held by him. I saw a light source and a square was lining it fairly closely. I ran and tried to help others to reach the shelter ignoring my drenched stance and completely tattered clothes. Some time passed and we where all rebuilding the collapsed apartment stalls. It's like when our eyes met, it's like we knew everything about each other. Those four years aren't quite easy to forget He was talking about his past relationship. I recognized my cousin driving the coaster and pointed at me. He showed that there's a monkey going to be released.""Just please, leave it there" he said as I searched his face for any signs of uncertainty but his only showed plead. He returned my sad smile and grabbed my hand with his cold one that slowly started to warm up.We were almost out of the apartment/stall until I caught a glimpse of his book shelf...... His books were so pristine and well handled, all hard backs and glistening with care. Trust me babe its easy I took the fifteen steps and along the way I got three to four letters the last letter came from the chef that made every delicious meal we had.He panicked why was I like that and when he realized it was because of the book he chuckled. A small shack was placed in the middle of the camp where food was served. From the looks of my dream it seemed it took quite a while to rebuked everything so I presume that lei and I got some time to talk and connect in a way much different from what others may think. He opened the back gate which got my blood run cold.My head spun as if it was a miracle that he laughed. It would give the kids a view of the terrifying active volcano across the camp.

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