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Sure, jobs might impact this, but if you’re at a point in life where you’ve got the money to blow, surely you can afford to take a week or two off work.

You’re likely to have a better experience rather than endlessly hunting and getting scammed by Ukrainian brides.

This agency distributed men's ads to different agencies through out Ukraine and Russia.

Well, as for the rest, I will let her letters speak for themselves.

While my memory is slightly foggy, he was around 55 years old and lived on the east coast of the United States.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are Ukrainian brides who genuinely want to find a nice guy and get married. It sucked for the American guy, but making those kind of huge financial purchases right off the bat are a surefire way to get yourself screwed. Yeah, the same guy was the “victim” of yet another Ukrainian brides scam less than six months after the first one.

Essentially, you can stay in Ukraine as long as you want.

The only catch is that you’re going to pay a fine when you leave–895 UAH to be exact. I went through the airport in Kiev (overstayed a month and change) last week.

Today I feel the need to share a Ukrainian bride horror story/scam that was recently pulled on an acquaintance of mine.

To give some backstory, I met this guy in July 2016 in Odessa, Ukraine.

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