Updating a table from a join athlete dating complaints

Please see the Naming Conventions topic for more information.

For example, the UPDATE statement below modifies all rows where the State column contains a value of ' CA': Subqueries are supported in the WHERE clause.

The syntax is as follows: The INTERVAL keyword is optional, allowing the application to use the default commit interval but still specify the FLUSH keyword to indicate that it wishes to have the transaction commits flushed to disk at the operating system level.

Please see the Transactions and Buffering and Caching topics for more information.

Use a NOJOINOPTIMIZE clause to force the query optimizer to stop re-ordering joins for a SELECT statement.

In certain rare cases the query optimizer might not have enough information to know that re-ordering the joins will result in worse performance than if the joins were left in their original order, so in such cases you can include this clause to force the query optimizer to not perform the join re-ordering.

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