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CREATE DATABASE Sql Hints Demo DB GO USE Sql Hints Demo DB GO /*Let us create Customers table with Identity column.*/ CREATE TABLE dbo.

Customers ( Customer Id int IDENTITY (1, 1) PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED NOT NULL , First Name Varchar(50), Last Name Varchar(50)) GO /*Let us create Orders Table without and Identity column.*/ CREATE TABLE dbo.

In this article we will discuss all the available wildcards in detail with examples. When we need to concatenate two columns simply we can use ` ` sign and that is correct, but what if any of them is null, Will it return what we want, NO, it will return null.

So let's discuss how we should concatenate two or more columns without creating extra space or extra comma problem. TRY…CATCH constructs do not trap the following conditions: - Warnings or informational messages that have a severity of 10 or lower.

This convenience can save immense amounts of time, but also presents a single challenge: What happens when an identity column runs out of space within the data type chosen?

Reseeding the identity value: You can reseed the indentity value, that is, to have the identity values reset or start at a new predefined value by using If you wanted to reseed the table to start with an identity of 1 with the next insert then you would reseed the table's identity to 0.

The identity seed is what the value is currently at, meaning that the next value will increment the seed and use that.

Identity Column, Sql, Sql all tables with Identity column, Sql All Tables without identity column, Sql Server, Sql Tables with Identity Column, Sql Tables with or without Identity column, Sql Tables without Identity column, Tables with or without Identity column Let us understand the above scripts with an example.

To understand this, let us create a demo database Sql Hints Demo DB with Customers table having an identity column and an Orders table without identity column.

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