Updating ati video drivers

The video card is responsible for alleviating all graphical processing tasks from the central processing unit (CPU) in order to more efficiently handle processing tasks and enhance the performance of the computer as a whole.

Following the merger of ATI and AMD in 2006, the combined efforts of both companies have displayed some of the finest video cards and graphical hardware devices that are available today.

Below is ATI device types, you can find the drivers you want to download and update.

Read on to discover how to check if the graphic card error is due to a driver issue and how to fix the error by downloading and installing the latest ATI Drivers.

Note: NVIDIA users are also advised to perform a “clean” installation when updating drivers.

Device Manager, a built-in Windows utility, lists all the installed hardware on your PC.

If a hardware device is not working properly, this utility will let you know if the problem is Driver-related or not.

This can be done by selecting the Custom (Advanced) option when installing the drivers, and then choosing Perform a clean installation.

Any other laptop video driver must be obtained from the laptop manufacturer.

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