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— Fixed alignment of player names containing Unicode characters in the spectator screen.[MISC] – Fixed text wrapping and some text getting truncated when running in Thai language. 20 - [ PANORAMA ] – Users on Linux and OSX can now also opt in to Panorama UI by adding “-panorama” to their launch options.– Updated grenade icon size – Fixed not showing all grenades owned by a player in their overhead UI during freezetime.– Fixed friendly decoys showing up on the radar with an odd color and a random number/letter.– Fixed incorrect display of several values in the settings screens.– Improved handling of custom keybindings for the development console.– Fixed friendly decoys showing up as enemy ghosts when they detonated.– Fixed wiggly countdown timer while defusing bomb – Fixed an issue that caused death notices to attempt to translate player names [GAMEPLAY ] – The functional change to the decoy that shipped with the last update will not be reverted: from here on decoys will be radar-visible by the team that threw it and not radar-visible to the enemy team.

– Added ability to connect to a different community server from pause menu while connected to a community server.– Spectating — Fixed not being able to toggle the spectator player panel’s visibility by pressing the key bound to “drop” (G by default).— Fixed a case where kills reported in the spectator panels could be wrong.— Health over three digits will now scale down to fit appropriately and no longer clip.— Sharpened the transition times in the weapon selection HUD to reduce delay in displaying player’s equipment.

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– Added a shortcut button to trade with a friend from the friend’s in-game profile card. – Scoreboard now allows sorting players by ‘money’ column.

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