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Debt collectors aren’t likely to tell you that you legally don’t have to pay, so firstly you must be sure that you actually owe the money claimed.If you take a look at this site we provide you all the information you need such as guides on debt management and an individual voluntary arrangement, plus the ability to read and write reviews about the different debt collectors.I have no contracts with Akinika, never bought anything from them, they have even given me a customer number when I have never had anything to do with them.

So please, do take just a few minutes to post about your experiences.

At first I didn't thinking I owed it and I told him I'm pretty sure i paid out my returns.

Sure enough the lad says to me he'lol hold all proceedings to allow me to check with my accountant. I called back and was a bit scared but because I've never had a debt before.

We set it all in place and I cleared it in 4 months.

He made a point of telling me to let them know I feel I'm having any problems and he'll see if he can rearrange something. But still they really need to find a way of being able to confirm who they are on the first call Hi I have been recently bombarded with calls, Emails, texts and home phone calls from Akinka Preston.

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