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id=663 For Mac/Linux: Compendium Mac Usage: load the "Anthology" plugin either using the Plugin Manager or by using the "/plugins load anthology" chat command.

When first loaded, Anthology will ask if you want to automatically import and read the tutorial story. For prior Beta users, after updating the files, you can update your version of the tutorial by deleting the prior tutorial story in the Story Select dialog (in Author or Reader, choose a story to load and in the Story Select dialog, click the Tutorial and then click 'Delete').

For example, my minstrel has been showing as level 55 for several days on my.even though he is 56 now.

Note that monsters (creeps) are not supported at this time.

Authors can choose to support EN, FR and/or DE clients - the Anthology plugin itself is fully translated for all three clients (although some of the technical terms and phrasing might need a bit of tweaking).Once the prior tutorial is deleted, return to the main menu, click on Import/Export, then in the Import/Export window, select the Tutorial story in the Import Lua section and click "Import Lua".Alternately, you can delete all of the stories from the Story Selection dialog, return to the main menu, unload Anthology and reload Anthology and you will again be asked if you want to load the tutorial automatically.Note to European players: Codemasters does not support the my.framework.There is no way for me to access character data on European servers.

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