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Please note that Multiverse packages may not receive security updates in a timely fashion.i Web strongly recommends using the default Main repository.Please verify your local legislation to ensure that your usage is allowed.In this example, you would add these lines to your Debian server's /etc/apt/file: Here, the Contrib and Non-Free repositories have been enabled for Debian 6, also known as "Squeeze".If you are running a different version of Debian, simply change 'squeeze' for the appropriate version name.Expertise level: Easy Occasionally, WHM or c Panel might experience errors that can only be resolved by updating the software.

For example, if you were adding the 'universe' repository for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS ('quetzal'), you would add these lines to sources.list: deb quetzal universe deb-src quetzal universe deb quetzal universe deb-src quetzal universe For other versions of Ubuntu, simply replace 'quetzal' with the correct version name, i.e.Universe is maintained by the greater Ubuntu community of users and developers.These are not officially supported, but tend to be the newer releases.It can happen that a necessary software package is not available in the standard repositories.In these cases, extra repositories can be added to your server, thus allowing different or newer software to be installed.

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