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Magellan wants money for what other GPS makers offer for free.

If you go with Magellan, figure that the lifetime of your device will not be based on how long it works; but how long it takes for a newer model to supersede it.

Went through reinstalling the file as recommended, retried on the website without success. Thales Navigation is terrible at supporting their products and I will NEVER purchase ANYTHING Magellan again.

We have owned a Magellan Road Mate vehicle GPS for several years.

I purchased the micro sd card and continued to get the same error.

They then said to delete the existing map and do it again, which I did and still received the same message. A major problem is that when a newer device is offered for sale, the company immediately drops all support for anything older.

Contacting someone at Magellan proved to be very difficult.

When I registered it, it stated I should update the maps. I tried to use it and I keep getting the message address search not available.

I contacted support and they told me to use a micro sd card.

Their customer service line is disconnected, no one answers the phone at their head office, and it took one week to get a response to our online request for assistance. Their local BBB sent them my complaint and they did not respond to either of two BBB communications over a 60 day period. My recommendation is to try to contact them before you give them your money.

In the end, we were told that Magellan does not provide help to customers 12 months after the purchase date. Their support number is disconnected, they do not answer emails to support, they do not monitor their social media. There are a lot of better choices in my opinion that hold a lot less risk. When I went into the Magellan site to update my maps I was told that I would have to pay for the map update.

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Next e-mail I received was that they cancelled the order and replace with another one. As of today April 18 2018 I have not received anything, and they are not returning any answers on my e-mail here. When I ordered the unit from Magellan they automatically transferred me factory Outlet Store for the purchase. I did the map update last weekend and it didn’t work. As with other Magellan users, they changed their Map Update program to Smart GPS Eco from Content Manager. I told him I was very unhappy and I who wanted a refund they said it would be a couple of days. I bet it don't happen so don't let them scam you too. Right out of the box it does work but will say turn left, go 9k, pull a u-turn, go back to exactly where you were, and turn left heading north back in the direction I was already going on the exact same street. After 2 weeks with receiving no replacement unit, they claimed they had never received the defective unit.

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