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Download Mercedes map updates and installing them from CD is illegal, plus you will not get a serial number when you do so, so won’t be able to install the new map updates.

Also, make sure that your GPS has the capability to be connected to your computer, otherwise you will only be able to get your maps from a map disc or through the unit itself, and not for free.For instance, if you have a Tom Tom GPS, searching for "Tom Tom maps" or "free Tom Tom maps" will result in many sites where updates can be found for free. You may also directly download the maps to your GPS unit by selecting the unit's "Maps" (or similar) folder as the destination when saving downloaded maps.Last Update January 1st, 2018: The new Mercedes Navigation DVD for 2018 is out now and ready to purchase online.You might be tempted to try and download a Mercedes Navigation GPS System Update.However, please be warned that this is not advisable for a number of reasons, the primary one being it is extremely unlikely that it will work.

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