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All pieces of identification must be linked by at least one common element.If you are applying for a new passport in an assumed relationship surname that is different from the name on your birth or citizenship certificate, you must submit one of the following documents, along with your birth or citizenship certificate: If you are applying for a new passport following a legal name change, you must first update your proof of Canadian citizenship (i.e.You can also install Mongo DB locally and use a local database.You can find instructions here: An Introduction to Mongo DB. We will have the following routes: app.post: For now, we will comment out the routes for handling the form POST. req.flash: This is the connect-flash way of getting flashdata in the session. After logging out, redirect the user to the home page.We will create our user model for the entire tutorial series.Our user will have the ability to be linked to multiple social accounts and to a local account.With our server running, we can visit our application in our browser at

Once you sign up (and you get a credit for signing up), you can create your database, grab its connection url, and place it in this file.New criteria have been added to the proof of identity document requirements for a general adult passport application (for applicants age 16 and over).To be accepted, the identity document must be issued by a federal or provincial/territorial government authority, or local equivalent abroad, and must contain all of the following elements: If an applicant is unable to provide a single piece of identification that fulfils all the requirements, then one or more additional pieces of identification which, when combined, fulfil the requirements, may be accepted.For local accounts, we will be keeping email and password.For the social accounts, we will be keeping their id, token, and some user information.

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