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But some songs still have screwy tags on the E270, even after Media Monkey shows correct tags on the computer.And some songs won't show the correct genre, no matter what you do. To fix that, remove the ID3v1 tags and use ID3v2.3 tags (not 2.4).Although if you are here, you probably don't see the nice shiny interface above. This all started for me when a friend got a bag of crap from Woot!Among the loot, were quite a few dead Sansa e2XX players.You have to use the e200 tool to reflash them, it works better under Linux, and I run Linux (Ubuntu if you must know).So I ended up in a deal where I would try to fix all three.Sandisk released the e280 model on August 21, 2006.In addition, you can add micro SD cards, and the battery is user exchangeable.

You can also remove the database file System\Data\Pp5000If your blue wheel is on, and the screen does not "power on" then hold down the menu button on the front bottom left of the player for about 30 seconds. Use one of the utilities listed below to correctly format the ID3/MP3 tags.After 15 the blue wheel will power off, but keep the button pressed down. I was having a problem with my player and after a little back and forth they showed me a back door to recover the system: If your Player wants you to start in recovery mode 1. Press "Rec" and hold, while ath the same time pressing "ON/OFF" button and hold. There are bugs where albums don't always play in the correct order.Linux users may find that the Sansa can't read tags written by their computer, even ID3v2.3 tags.The tagging program eyed3 has been known to write Sansa-friendly tags in Linux when converting v1 tags to v2.3.

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