Updating smart mailbox unread counts

Case sensitivity is an option and you can also choose to match on the headers in any body part of a message.

Make sure you try selecting the “is in” type of comparison.

In particular, note the “Mailing Lists” mailbox: If you have any mailing list messages they are automatically divided into smart mailboxes as children of the “Mailing Lists” mailbox.

You can see how this is configured in the “Submailboxes” pane of the mailbox editor.

For all mailbox types the following is useful to know: The MAILBOXES section includes a set of standard mailboxes: “Inbox”, “Drafts”, “Sent Messages”, “Junk”, and “Deleted Messages”.

They cannot be changed, because they have a standard purpose, as implied by their names.

The content of a smart mailbox is based on the content of one or more other mailboxes and an optional set of conditions (the “Mailboxes” and “Conditions” panes).

If you hold down the option key (⌥) then the plus buttons will change into “…” buttons (a general feature of mac OS).

When creating a new smart mailbox or when editing an existing mailbox, the mailbox editor is opened.If you have multiple IMAP accounts configured, then these mailboxes are universal, that is they unify mailboxes of a given type across multiple IMAP accounts.It is possible to expand these mailboxes if one wants to see which messages are in which account.This can be used to create advanced any/all (boolean) constructions.The most interesting part of the mailbox editor is the popup for choosing the headers used for filtering.

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