Updating streets and trips

Once plotted, Map Point allows you to select groups of plotted objects based on state, county or postal district lines, or arbitrarily-drawn "regions".For example, you could plot the sales of individual stores in several counties by varying the the size of the individual icons based on sales volume.You can then copy from one program ("Edit, Copy" or Ctrl-C) and paste ("Edit, Paste" or Ctrl-V) to the other.

If both Streets/Autoroute and Map Point are installed on the same computer, you can start both programs at the same time.

Opens in new window.) All the programs have the same basic drawing and annotation tools that allow you to mark up maps with lines, circles, boxes, text notes, highlighted routes, etc.

(It's actually the same drawing toolbar that appears in MS Word or Excel.) Annoyingly, the overlay files these markups (and any plotted points) are saved into .

The internal format of these files change with every new version of each program; i.e.

you can't open an overlay file in a version of the program older than the one that created it.

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