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With google, you'll end up with oracle docs in russian that mention the command you're using.

At asktom you get real life examples of what to do.

This boundaries are checked immediately in the browser when you leave the field and for security reasons the same check is also done when you submit your page to the server. $APEXLIB_MIN_VALUE=0$ $APEXLIB_MAX_VALUE=100$ to do a range check or use $APEXLIB_MIN_VALUE=01-JAN-2007$ to check against a fixed date.

You just have to put the Apex Lib hints $APEXLIB_MIN_VALUE=min value$ and/or $APEXLIB_MAX_VALUE=max value$ into the Page Item comment or Link Attributes of Tabular Form Columns as you already do for other Apex Lib hints. But you can also make it more dynamic and reference other Application Items/Page Items. $APEXLIB_MAX_VALUE=&F111_TODAY.$ to check that the user doesn’t enter a date which is greater than today.

Is there some way to enforce NOT NULL only on future data but not on existing data? Quick question, what is the reason for your "caveat emptor" in the earlier followup?

Note: The values specified, independent if they are fixed or dynamic have to comply to the format mask of the current item/column!!!This allows existing rows to violate the constraint, while ensuring that all new or modified rows are valid." Why am i getting error then? Regards, Sajid Anwar London By default a non-deferrable UNIQUE or PRIMARY KEY constraint will attempt to create a unqiue index. You have a choice a) create the constraint deferrable. When you disable the constraint, you have a nice side effect that the INDEX stays in [email protected] alter table t enable novalidate constraint uniq_a; Table altered.Tom, you rock Tom, The Oracle 9i Database Administrator's Guide says "Enabling a constraint does not require validation." Is this statement correct?If I disable RI constraint, load orphaned data into child table and try to enable the RI, I always get an error saying that parent keys not found.

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