Vb net designer file not updating

file for a dataset in Visual Studio 2008 that I copied over from another Visual Studio project, however I need to make changes to the dataset.

This code is typically found in I don't know if this is still a common problem for others, but I did find an answer (I think). Update the "Custom Tool" property to "MSData Set Generator". Books Data Table) Dim modfied Books As Rnr Books Data Set. It updates the dataset fine but not the database... Private Sub Books Binding Navigator Save Item_Click(By Val sender As System. Event Args) Handles Books Binding Navigator Save Item. Update(new Books) End If 'Update all modified orders If Not modfied Books Is Nothing Then Books Table Adapter. Dispose() End If End Try End Sub :( I am have been trying to update changes from my program to an access database file and it simply will not work. I'm not familiar with SQL so i can't go that route. Books Data Table) Try 'Remove all deleted books from the Books table If Not deleted Books Is Nothing Then Books Table Adapter. Dispose() End If If Not new Books Is Nothing Then new Books. Rnr Books Data Set) Msg Box("Update successful") Catch ex As Exception Msg Box("Update failed") Finally If Not deleted Books Is Nothing Then deleted Books.

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If in the designer I have the line to set the text box visible property to false, the problem with the text box comes back.

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