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My dad’s favorite line, when he tries some of our food: “This would be great with some meatballs! ” An uncle once presented me with a single piece of iceberg lettuce on a plate and announced, for everyone to hear, “Hey Matt, look. Now, vegan pizza is just pizza in my mind, and I haven’t lost a thing.” It’s a joke, of course, and the fact that he says it so often has itself become a joke. As it turned out the key to giving up that last bit of cheese — which I clung to for months — was simply deciding to do so. Being vegan doesn’t have to be more expensive, but it will be.Two and a half years later, now that this once extreme lifestyle now feels familiar, I have just enough perspective to wish I could go back and give my pre-vegan self (or someone else in my shoes) a few pointers. Laugh them off, or take the opportunity to explain how important your diet choices are to you. I thought I’d miss cheese as an appetizer, with a glass of wine or a beer.So whenever they give us the promised time machines and jetpacks and I get the chance to go back and talk to that guy, here’s how I’ll help him prepare: 1. So get used to them, and understand that they don’t necessarily indicate a lack of respect. But it didn’t take long to discover that when I replaced the cheese with nuts or crackers, these foods were just as satisfying for their saltiness between sips, and I felt a lot better ten minutes later. I quickly found that cheeseless pizza wasn’t nearly as good as the real thing, but it did the job, and over time, I came to tolerate (and even like) Daiya.Even after I became vegetarian, I turned this question over and over in my mind.

The fact that the sandwich was wonderfully compassionate and ridiculously delicious didn’t hurt either. I can happily say that I honestly don’t know what I was missing. ) and mashed white beans, then mixed with mayo, dijon mustard, and pickled relish, just like I like it. By the time I was into crazy grilled cheese sandwich combos, I didn’t eat tuna anymore. The “tuna” salad for this sandwich is made with shredded jackfruit (is there anything this fruit can’t do?If a Veg Fest doesn't exist in your area, start one!Step by step guide is available here from the Twin Cities Veg Fest hosted by Compassionate Action for Animals (redirects to their site).

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A lively hour devoted to your health, well-being, and living lightly and lovingly on planet Earth. Wednesday, June 20, 2018Can You Be a Vegan Beekeeper?

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