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It would pop up with people that I was friends with but never clicked on and had completely forgotten about – it was random – sure and I never particularly noticed a pattern in who turned up there.

No longer so random Thing is – with the new profiles that list of friends is no longer so random.

There has been a “friends” box on Facebook profiles for a long time – down on the left hand side of the page under your profile picture and basic information.

Previously that small square box was filled with six random friends, and I remember they random.

Three I haven’t messaged, interacted with or even clicked on for up to six months. I don’t mind remotely, but it kind of makes me wonder why they are there and why Facebook isn’t clear about the process that selects those 15 out of my 421 friends.

I realise you can make lists of friends which show up in that spot, but I haven’t done that.

I’m going to stop with these examples, but you see what I mean.

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Okay you say – so that’s just people you interact with the most, Facebook is just giving you links to people you are most interested in, same as it does with the news feed where it pushes people that you click on and interact with most. Of those 15 people, 5 or so are people I interact with regularly, the other 10 aren’t.

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