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However becareful with who you are going to date with, you are a walking ticket for the green card. My family once had a friend who was supposed to do it but she never did and ran off with like 30 grand or something like that.You sound like my parents when you mentioned the greencard bit haha. Hell the vietnamese here in the US still try to get greencards here by marrying off friends of family or whatever. Her mom asked her if one of her friends would marry the cousin to get a greencard. Theyre no longer friends btw haha One would urge caution.They think about it for a day and decide that sounds She treats you nicely so that maybe you can rely on her when you need help.You would feel reluctant to pay for a dinner or two (well it's cheap right? Maybe she asks to exchange information so she can contact you when you go back home.Also, the more you can offer, the more rabid that dedication is.That, of course, ties into the green card/atm angle, which I honestly don't think most VN girls are shooting for.We still text and what not but what scares me is she was constantly talking about marriage and what not until I told her im not really trying to listen to that right now.Is it normal for a young woman to be already talking about marriage? I mean I hate generalizing, and it's a especially uncomfortable thing to do since I'm white, but that's been my experience.

Everywhere I go, I see like 10 people in 1 apartment. That being said, I like Viet girls because they are very caring and affectionate (soft) and well mannered when they are young. I've heard some guys say you don't have to, girls will come to you, but then say these girls are OK to be with for a bit but not date. As a Vietnamese-American, I speak of experience of others.I was wondering what the dating culture in Vietnam amongst the youth is like.Is it still traditional where you must go meet the family before engaging in anything or is it more freely like in the US?I think the green card/atm thing is unfair and an exaggeration, for the most part (unless we are talking about Karaoke Girls), but Vietnamese girls are kind of rabid once you go down that slope.There's a certain unsophistication, for lack of a better word, and we're talking about a culture were marrying young and having children young is the norm, unlike America where that is considered slightly strange and not normal.

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