Vista not updating

The sad news is I have no clue as to where the original is…Good luck @Smartik1 To display the recycle bin on the desktop… I just had to reboot, and of course it rearranged all my icons again. first you will have to enable folder view to show hidden and system files.

– right click on the desktop and select personalize. I tried the icon restore, and it moved some of them closer to where they were, but there were still quite a few in different places than I originally had them… then delete the $recycle folder when you use the recycle bin again it will reinstall. Or there is a microsoft update to fix this but it told me that this update was not for my system.

i would be very thankful to you, if you could help me. Vista is a phenomenally expensive piece of software failing to run on a phenomenally expensive machine, and wasting a phenomenal amount of my time. It appears that this site is "geeks with blogs", so I'd hardly expect that he'd go through:1.

it worked fine for some days, but suddenly the automatic updates stopped working. i tried deleting the registry you gave here, but i can't find that registry key in registry editor. To the confused: Steve Clements here is doing a service by letting us know this.

This here is a well known Trojan virus that called "DNSChanger". restart your PC normally and then u'll be able to consummate the update again. And to the Doctor..may have a phenomenonly expensive OS on a phenomenally expensive box but I bet you charge a phenomenonly high amount of money to patients.

q=what is a domain& IE-Search Box&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&sourceid=ie7&rlz=1I7GGLJ For some people who get the error code: 80244019. If the app is asking whether u restart your computer or delete these detected files, then click on ok, AND THEN u've to run quickly to your router and press the "reset" button with a pen or something else..7.

thankx genex3m Did you upgrade Vista from XP or are you running Vista Home Basic or Premium?

It seems something is missing or it did not get installed for some reason.

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