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YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.babavang: Sawada Setsuna Unstable Fable: Snow Setsuna Klonoa Dreams: Hanami Tsuna (warning for shitty art), Boxing WIP (need to finish it one of these days), Character Sheet (come here for Setsuna's character sheet): For those who want an even better idea of how my Hunter x Hunter SI OC, Silvia, looks like, I made a sprite on this site (in case anyone wants to make one as well).

Here they are: Mako Sprite, Mako Sprite Hooded, Mako Maru, Chibi Mako COVER DONE BY MY COMPLETELY AWESOME FRIEND Unstable Fable: Gone Fishing Cover Mikoto-chan92: Mako, Too Cute Klonoa Dreams (YES, I actually made a thing): Mako, Robin's Dress Xeno Trance R: Mako #sharkweek, Bink's Sake, Jack Frost: Mako's Jolly Rogeryazzydream: A Super Cute Shark Fishmanemilytomberlin: Mako, Straw Hat Mako Kibbits: Love you!!

I'm just gonna go over in the corner and cry because of how awesome this is... And I got this lovely person to thank for it: Im The Snark Knight Thank you so much! 8-10-16 ANNOUNCEMENTI am going through all 50 chapters of Facade, with friend kurobook, at my side to edit, expand, and just pretty much clean up this entire story before I get back to work on chapter 51. If I get enough people asking for the original copy so that they have something to compare, I'll post up a link to it.Awkward boners and suggestive things, however, are fair game (please refer to Façade for this).I'm also quite open-minded, in case you guys haven't noticed, so while I'm at it, let me give you guys a heads up about my fics.The art's done by the same guy (Yusuke Murata) who is doing the manga adaptation of And now I can talk about myself: You can find me on Twitter: Dreams I also stream: If you haven't figured it out, I'M A GAMER!DXI also have a tumblr: klonoadreams.DO NOT ASK ME ABOUT UPDATES ON MY TUMBLR!

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